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Virtual Enterprise

This activity is only for current students and those who have graduated in the last two years who have earned a Blue or Gold award from The Enterprise Gym. If you have earned a Blue or Gold and you successfully complete the Virtual Enterprise element you will be awarded a Platinum award. This is effectively a double Blue/Gold.

Ever wanted to run your own business? At least once you've thought of the possibility of starting your own venture. Of not having a boss, but working only for yourself. What stopped you from putting your idea into practice? The fear of failure. Imagine, however, to gain all the (business) experience you need, without taking any risk! This is what SimVenture is all about - a game that will entertain you by giving you the pleasure of running your own business, without having to worry about failure.

Looking for a challenge that tests your skills and knowledge of market analysis, cashflow, sales and marketing, and operations control?

In session 2012 / 2013, the Enterprise Gym launched a new activity, Virtual Enterprise. Based around SimVenture, a venture simulation game that gives you the chance to start and run your own business. In 2013-14 we once again challenged individuals and teams to play the game and produce a performance print out which will be judged against key criteria over a virtual 36 month period. We are currently planning to have some business mentors involved to help you along the way in 2014-15.

Beginning as a start-up, you will need to commission market research, design your product, create your marketing strategy, and sell, sell, sell! How? That’s entirely up to you! You can hire staff, move premises to increase exposure, set your own wage and working hours, borrow money to invest in the business, or even sell equity in the company!

Download our Virtual Fact-Sheet! 

Registration for Virtual Enterprise is open in September and once registered you will be given access to the SimVenture software until the end of February 2015. During this time you may play through the game as often as you want to. At the end of this period, submit your best result to us by 5pm on Friday February 27th 2014. You can only participate in Virtual Enterprise if you already earned a blue/gold.

As with all of our activities, participation in Virtual counts towards Enterprise Gym Awards. in this case a Platinum. The game will be played on a laptop in the Enterprise Gym offices.

Subject to sponsorship we may also at the end of the academic year award the most successful student an additional prize at our prestigious annual awards ceremony!

Interested? n [dot] r [dot] bowieatdundee [dot] ac [dot] uk (subject: SimVenture) (Email) us.

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